The Black Adder (aka Series 1)

  • The Foretelling In Series 1, Episode 1 (The Foretelling) we meet Edmund (Rowan Atkinson), his brother Harry (Robert East), their father Richard, Duke of York (Brian Blessed) and mother, Gertrude of Flanders (Elspet Gray).
  • Born To Be King In episode 2 of The Black Adder (Born To Be King) we learn that King Richard IV (Brian Blessed) is leaving to go on a Crusade and Prince Harry (Robert East) is to rule as Regent. As usual, Edmund Duke of Edinburgh (Rowan Atkinson) gets more (or is that less) than he bargains for.
  • The Archbishop The third episode of The Black Adder (The Archbishop) begins with a deathbed scene. The dying man is the Duke of Winchester and his two attendees – Godfrey, Archbishop of Canterbury and King Richard IV. It’s a classic case of Church versus Crown, but who will win?
  • The Queen of Spain’s Beard Episode 4 of The Black Adder, The Queen of Spain’s Beard is a tale of high politics, which results in marriage for Black Adder, but not to the woman he expects…
  • Witchsmeller Pursuivant The fifth episode of The Black Adder (Witchsmeller Pursuivant) sees the Black Death visit the town. It is an indiscriminate visitor, for as well as the townsfolk, King Richard IV is also afflicted…
  • The Black Seal In the sixth and final episode of The Black Adder, The Black Seal, Edmund Duke of Edinburgh (aka the Black Adder) has finally had enough. His father (King Richard IV) has finally gone too far with his insults…

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