Vic Reeves Big Night Out

The Original Vic Reeves Big Night Out [DVD] [1990] The Original Vic Reeves Big Night Out [DVD] [1990]
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DVD Information

Binding: DVD
Aspect Ratio: 4:3 - 1.33:1
Audience Rating: Suitable for 15 years and over
Manufacturer: 4dvd
Original Release Date:
  • Vic Reeves
  • Bob Mortimer
  • Fred Aylward
  • Charlie Higson
  • Emma Cafferty


  • Vic Reeves Big Night Out - Series 1 & 2 2-DVD Set

Vic Reeves Big Night Out was the first TV incarnation of Vic Reeves and his then sidekick, later to be comedy partner, Bob Mortimer.

It was absolutely required viewing for those of us who were of a certain age back in 1990-91 when it was Friday night fare on Channel 4. It was surreal in the extreme, an effect apparently achieved with substances no more mind bending than beer and fags.

Since I was watching it in the same state, I was usually creased in two and glad of the advert break in the middle in order to calm down and have a cup of cold water to drink. Characters like Morrissey The Consumer Monkey; Judge Nutmeg; The Man With The Stick; Graham Lister; Wavey Davey and so many others were just so funny and so off the wall as to make an impressionable young man such as I feel incredibly lucky to be able to watch such stuff.

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