Catterick was Reeves and Mortimer's 2004 sitcom, featuring a host of 'their type of comedians' in various roles.

Set in and around the town of Catterick in North Yorkshire, brothers Chris (Reeves) and Carl (Mortimer) have not seen each other for fifteen years as Carl has been away in the army.  Carl is back in town to look for his son, Paul (eventually, though you know from the start, revealed as the Reece Shearsmith character). Chris meets Carl off the train, and the mayhem commences.

Catterick [DVD] [2004] Catterick [DVD] [2004]
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  • Morwenna Banks
  • Mark Benton
  • Tim Healy
  • Charlie Higson
  • Frank Jarvis


  • Catterick

The three aside, there are major roles for Morwenna Banks (Tess - receptionist at the Mermade Hotel); Matt Lucas (Roy Oates - owner / manager of the Mermade and Tess' domineering boyfriend) and Mark Benton (long suffering Mermade dogsbody, Mark).

There are cameo roles for the likes of Charlie Higson, Tim Healy and Julie T Wallace.  Reeves, Mortimer and Lucas also play cameos, the most memorable probably being Reeve's American policeman, DI Keith Fowler - finally working for the NYPD, that's North Yorkshire Police Department.

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