Vic Reeves Big Night Out Series 1 Show 2

The second show pretty much carried on where the first one had left off.

This week, Vic was assisted onto the stage by Bob dressed as none other than Aled Jones who we learned had fallen on hard times after his voice had broken.  So much so that he was reduced to selling fire damaged shower caps.  We learned all of this after Vic had performed a, erm... rendition of The Age of of Aquarius.

Next up was Les, and our discovery his phobia of chives.  Fortunately Vic didn't press the matter too hard so poor Les got off relatively lightly.

Following Les it was the turn of the Man with the Stick - the back of his helmet adorned with a drawing of Bob Dylan running water through a filter cup in order to catch dust for his little rabbit - how very touching. Then Vic had to dash off to the barber's prior to the entry of Tinker's Rucksack to the stage.

Immediately before Novelty Island, we met Alan Davidson the cheeky foul mouthed fox and ****** what a foul mouthed ******* he was.  First on Novelty Island was Mr Graham Lister with Nibbles the Comedy Duck. This particular 'act' involved Nibbles regurgitating shrimps upon Reeves recital of the Ten Commandments. Very strange, but funny in a mad-ass way.

Following the 'very poor' Lister was the Singing Mound - brought on stage by Les and owned by one Melanie Moonbeam... ah!  My personal favourite was Donald O'Hara, Mr 45 - Bob along with Charlie Higson.  Mr 45's act was supposedly to spit 45 peas through a 45rpm record whilst (being held on a rope by Higson) at an angle of 45 degrees.  But we all knew it wouldn't work and poor Charlie couldn't hold Bob and it descended into chaos...

The final act was Maureen Newton a woman with a 15 foot arm - unfortunately she was unable to make it into the paddock and was thus disqualified.  This week's judge was a seagull which had been sitting on the roof with the Mayor of Casterbridge. Somewhat surprisingly, it was Melanie Moonbeam's Singing Mound which won the day - shame really, as I though that Mr 45's act did have so much more going for it.  No matter as Mr Rick Astley closed the show out - or rather Bob tried to close the show out as Rick before Reeves in the first of his homages to Eric Morecambe came on to ruin things - Little Ern never was slapped quite so hard as Vic slapped Bob that night...

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