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Laugher has long been a passion of mine. My earliest memories of comedy were things like Some Mother's Do 'Ave 'Em, The Two Ronnies and It Ain't Half Hot Mum. I don't know if they were / are your cup of tea, but they made me laugh at the time and whenever I've seen them on the TV ever since. These were comedies that I would have watched in the company of one or other or even both of my parents. My first ventures into choosing my own comedy viewing were with the likes of Not The Nine O'Clock News, The Black Adder and The Young Ones. And to offer grist to the mill that is the traditional versus alternative debate, I still watched stuff like Benny Hill with the oldies and laughed like a drain. On second thoughts, what exactly is the debate? If it's funny, it's funny, surely?

Moving on through my teenage years and going off to University, I was exposed to many more influences than I suppose was possible at home in my parochial little world. So the big boys told me about Monty Python and Pete & Dud. Through those influences I soon discovered TW3 and The Frost Report. Coming home drunk from the pub on a Friday night we found stuff like Saturday Live, later followed by Friday Night Live and Vic Reeves Big Night Out. Moving into the nineties, things like Father Ted, The Fast Show and Alan Partridge came along.

Unfortunately, those simple, idle, pleasures of sitting in front of the telly laughing maniacally seem miles away now.  With so many other media sources to consume, TV isn't such an important part of life for me now, so I've probably missed out on Black Books and The IT Crowd to name but two modern British TV Comedy greats. More shame me, eh?

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